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Am I protected? Why state doctors need more than just state indemnity
Medical Protection have been fielding an increasing number of queries from state-employed doctors about indemnity. Doctors are asking that, given the state covers them for claims, is there any reason to subscribe to a medical defence organisation?
State doctors are covered for claims by their employer, however that is where their cover begins and ends.
Our essential 90-minute interactive webinar is designed to provide an understanding of circumstances in which a state doctor could be left entirely without support, despite being covered by their employer, including:
- A complaint from a hospital manager to the HPCSA
- A dissatisfied patient or a disgruntled colleague lodging a formal complaint at the HPCSA
- Criminal charges arising from clinical practice
- An inquest when there may be a conflict between the individual healthcare practitioner and the state

Join our experts, all experienced in South African healthcare, in a webinar designed to help you understand the limitations of state indemnity.

By the end of the webinar you’ll gain a greater understanding of:
1. State indemnity in South Africa, including the RSA Treasury regulations
2. The limits of state indemnity
3. Medicolegal matters, their financial costs and the impact of these medicolegal issues on the practitioner
4. Practical examples of medicolegal dilemmas for state employees and how Medical Protection has provided support

Jun 14, 2021 07:30 PM in Harare, Pretoria

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